The Benefit of Spiritual Exercise

It's a well-known fact that exercise does the body good, but it's not just our physical constitution that needs exercise. Understand that it is a universal law of life that exercise aids in the process of growth. Physically speaking, exercise improves circulation, thus increasing the capacity for muscles and organs to receive and push out blood. So it is in the spiritual realm. God's kingdom operates off a system of constant interchange - a taking in and giving out; receiving and returning to the Lord; God blessing us and we blessing others. In fact, with anyone or anything to which God has imparted life, there is a state of perpetual increase and growth, through the exercise of receiving and giving.

Many are stagnant in their temporal and spiritual life from ignoring this principle. How? Heavenly gifts are imparted to the individual, but the individual makes no effort to give back. Heaven's blessings are as a spiritual fountain. In order to receive fresh currents of grace and truth, room must be made by imparting knowledge, blessings, and the love of God to others. When this is ignored, the blessings you now receive, you'll soon loose. However, when this principle is implemented, your capacity to receive is increased.

So add to your New Year's resolutions (no, it's not too late) to not only incorporate regular physical exercise, but also spiritual exercise by giving and sacrificing for others.

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